This month I want to talk to you about weddings.

They really are so special for us, and with every wedding unique, it’s always fantastic to see couples’ ideas become reality. I think the day itself is almost as exciting for us as it is for the couple and their guests!

2022 is going to be the busiest year we’ve ever had for weddings at Titchwell Manor. That’s partly because of cancellations due to Covid, but the biggest factor is the investment that we have made into this side of our business.

Until recently, my mum Margaret and I would look after the details of every wedding, from the initial booking to planning the day. We both enjoyed this and we made quite a formidable mother and son team, I have to say!

Entry No.6

Mum has now deservedly retired, and my role has changed so we’ve created a new wedding sales role. We had some very good candidates, but one stood out – Kirstie. She is fantastic. Her enthusiasm, hard work and business acumen balance perfectly with her care in the early planning of a couple’s big day. She works alongside Amy, our wedding co-ordinator.

Amy joined us in 2013 as a duty manager. She left us for a short period to have a baby and work on some solo projects, but we were delighted when she returned and took on her current role. She’s a great team-player, thorough, organised, hard-working. Most of all, she has a true passion for weddings; her enthusiasm and thoughtfulness are just what a couple need when planning their wedding with us.

I really believe that identifying the right positions for members of the team, and getting it all to work together is one of the most important areas of my job. With Amy and Kirstie, we definitely have the right people in the right jobs.

They are our core wedding team, but of course the day could not be a success without everyone’s input at the hotel. I’m always very proud of how the team really step up when we have a wedding.

Entry No.6

It’s a real privilege to host a wedding. It’s a compliment that a couple should choose us for such a special and unique party, and it means that Titchwell Manor will always be special for them. That list includes me and Lydia, my sister and her husband, and Lydia’s two sisters who also got married with us. The list goes on, but I think it shows how important the hotel is to us: it’s more than a business, it’s part of our past, present and future. It's a special place to me, and it will be a special place to all the couples who tie the knot this year with us.

Entry No.6